Seasonal Events

Summer at St. John’s



Ministry of Silence

 This is reminder and invitation to join St. John’s in the Mountains for our Ministry of Silence, a time of meditation for peace in our nation and world on on the first  Wednesday of every month  from 7:00  to 7:30 PM at St. John’s.
The Ministry of Silence is open to ALL persons,  of all spiritual backgrounds and faith traditions. Please join us.

Reading & Discussion at Stowe Community Church

Beginning June 29 at 7:00pm

St. John’s Game Night ~ July 22

St. John’s Game Night will be held at the church on Saturday, July 22 at 6:30 pm.  This is for people of all ages.  Mark your calendar and join us!

St. John’s in-the-Mountains Sunday Service on Lawn of Stowe Historical Society Museum July 30 at 10:00am

On Sunday, July 30, St. John’s in the Mountains will hold its 10:00am service of Holy Eucharist on the front lawn of the Stowe Historical Society Museum.  After the service, the museum will be open.

 The museum served as the church building for over 50 years (1955-2007), and prior to that the West Branch School House at the corner of Luce Hill and Mountain Roads.

 The Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont offered the building first to another faith group, secondly to a non-profit, and if neither of these wished to move the building it was available to be sold.  One faith group considered taking it but found it was too costly to move it.  The Stowe Historical Society offered to move it once it found a site on which to place it.  With the help of Cliff Johnson, town engineer at the time, and co-chair of the Capital Campaign for St. Johns we were able to create a win win for both St. John’s and Stowe Historical Soc.  The Trustees of the Diocese transferred the building to SHS for no fee at all.

 The schoolhouse sat on the back of the parking lot from early summer 2006 to April 2007 when it took its first ride to the Baumrind’s side yard.  It rested there in two pieces until late November 2010.  Just before Thanksgiving the body of the building took its ride up West Hill Rd, turned the corner by Shaws and slowly made its way down Maple St. while telephone and cable company workers pushed up the lines that crossed the road from the poles to the houses. As it turned the corner down School St. people watched in awe that there was sufficient room to get through. It was moved sideways onto the foundation.  The following Wednesday the roof took a similar ride.  It, however, rested for the weekend in front of the gazebo for a weekend because of the opening of the “Trees” exhibit at Helen Day Art Center. By April Stowe Historical Society began moving into its “new home” .

2017 Church Building Tenth Anniversary

2017 is the tenth anniversary of the construction and opening of our church building.  In September, we will have a special event to commemorate the consecration of the building.