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February 18 – 24, 2019

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1994 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT

Sunday Service
Sunday School
1994 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT
(802) 253-7578 

Sunday Service 10:00am
Sunday School 10:00am

A community of faith located at the crossroads of Mountain Road and Luce Hill Road.

Our Mission is to be a welcoming Christian community of faith, loving and forgiving, questioning and learning, inviting and serving.

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Church Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday- 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Fridays by appointment only

Please note: We have permission to use 10 parking spaces at the Stowe Motel.


 How a Runaway Nun Helped
an Outlaw Monk Change
the World


In terms of marriage prospects, Martin Luther wasn’t necessarily a natural pick. The middle-aged theology professor was known to be loud, argumentative, and judgmental. He was always on the road, came from a common family, and didn’t have enough money to buy a wedding ring….

But a noblewoman and former nun named Katharina von Bora saw something in the 42-year-old preacher that captivated her. When the couple married in 1525, it was a scandal that reverberated across Europe—and the beginning of a partnership that lasted more than two decades and shaped the course of history….

Luther’s bride was no ordinary woman, particularly for the 16th century. In 1504, at the age of five, von Bora—born to impoverished German nobility—was shipped off to a convent. She spent most of her early life secluded in a cloister in Nimbschen, not far from Leipzig, where she learned to read, write, speak Latin, and sing….
At some point, copies of Luther’s fiery pamphlets attacking celibacy and monastic orders may have inspired Katharina and others to reject their vows and leave the cloister. Somehow, a group of Nimbschen nuns smuggled a message to the outside world. Luther worked with a local merchant to engineer a daring nighttime rescue at a time when removing a nun from a cloister was an offense punishable by death. On April 7, 1523, the women were smuggled out of Nimbschen by a merchant delivering herring.

Once the escapees arrived in Wittenberg, they were married off to eligible bachelors within months … von Bora, …turned down several suitors and ultimately refused to marry anyone but Luther. Reluctant at first, Luther ultimately decided to marry. “I have made the angels laugh and the devils weep,” he wrote of his decision….

Predictably, Luther’s enemies seized on Katharina as a weak point, hoping that by discrediting her they could undermine Luther’s credibility as a man of God. She was called an alcoholic, money-grubbing, and a slut. Anti-Reformation pamphleteers accused her of having children with Luther out of wedlock and worse. Just the fact that she was a former nun was scandal enough….

The Luthers’ 21-year marriage was an arrangement unusual for their era. While Luther spent his time teaching, preaching, and writing, Katharina worked tirelessly to keep the family business running. After marrying Luther, Katharina turned a three-story former monastery building into the 16th-century equivalent of a hotel, dormitory, and conference center.

While local students and visiting professors boarded in the rooms upstairs, paying top rates for access to Luther’s ideas and prestige, Katharina invested the income in a growing portfolio that eventually included a large farm, multiple gardens, fish ponds, and fruit orchards. Letters and account books show the Luthers owned more cows and pigs than anyone in Wittenberg, a town of several thousand at the time. On top of all that, Katharina ran a household brewery that produced 8,800 pints of ale each year….

As the Reformation movement spread across Europe, the house that Katharina ran became its epicenter.

Andrew Curry, National Geographic
Published October 20, 2017

Note: Church recognition of Martin Luther is celebrated on the date of his death, Feb 18 (1546).


Weekly Calendar

MONDAY, February 18
Presidents’ Day

TUESDAY, February 19
Mah Jong at 1:00pm
Vestry Meeting at 6:00pm

THURSDAY, February 21
Spirituality Group at 10:00am
Ladies’ Luncheon at The Whip at 12:15pm

SATURDAY, February 23
Soup Saturday Take-Out 9am-11am & 3pm-4:30pm
AA Meeting at 5:00pm

SUNDAY, February 24
Holy Eucharist & Coffee Hour

SUNDAY, February 24
UU Worship at 4:30pm


Upcoming Events

Strove Tuesday, March 5
Ash Wednesday, March 6

Holy Eucharist Service at St. John’s at 7:30am
Stowe Community Church Service at 7:00pm
(and Fr. Rick will be preaching)


Coffee Hour 

Thank you to Barbara Cunningham for hosting this past Sunday’s coffee hour with clementines and whipped cream. Fellowship during Coffee Hour starts our week off with a smile and gratitude for good friends and neighbors.



Liturgical Schedule

Sunday, February 24 Holy Eucharist
Lectors — Susu Brown and Pete Johnson
Intercessor — Bidi Wheelwright
Acolyte — Tom Younkman
Organist — Audrey Coty
Altar Guild — Barbara Baraw
Coffee Hour — Bidi Wheelwright and Barbara Baraw
Counters — Barbara Baraw and Ethel Merwin
Flower Guild — Patty Oden


St. John’s Knitting Ministry

All are invited to participate in a revival of the St. John’s ‘Knitting Ministry’.

Pick up a project from the Knitting Basket in the undercroft (downstairs) and begin knitting…during church service, meetings, coffee hour or when you’re just sitting around.

Right now we are knitting and crocheting scarves and hats that will be donated our Lamoille neighbors who need to stay warm during the winter months.

Elaine Fortin


Pastoral Care Team

Might you enjoy praying for or visiting fellow parishioners, their family and friends with spiritual, physical, or mental needs at St. John’s? It is a small group which meets monthly during the day to share and learn about our fellow parishioners in confidentiality. If you would like to learn more about this ministry, speak to PCT members, Father Rick or Deb Clark.

PCT Members include: Susu Brown, Jan Tichansky, Roger Nicholls, Sue Nicholls and Deb Clark. For more information, call Deb at 730-7423.


 Facebook Page

Fr. Rick visits with Susan and Roger who are in the process of planning revisions to St. John’s Facebook page. Stay tuned…..



Come Play Mah Jong ~ February 19

Tuesday Mah Jong games are easy and fun. A few players are veterans of the game while others are new to the table. The game lends itself to all. So, drive on over to SJM on Tuesdays at 1:00pm and join the game.


Spirituality Group Meeting ~ February 21

Please join us at 10:00 am. Open to everyone. For more information, contact Barbara Baraw 802-793-5076.

Also, please keep Belle in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers from a recent fall resulting in a broken hip.



Ladies’ Luncheon ~ Thursday, February 21

The Ladies’ monthly luncheon is this Thursday, February 21 at 12:15pm at The Whip (Green Mountain Inn). We hope that you will join us for this wonderful social gathering. Friends are also always welcome.


Soup Saturday Take-Out    February 16

A St. John’s Fundraiser

Please sign up to make soup for Soup Saturday Take-out. We will need cooks and also people to sell soups.

Dates: Saturday, Feb 16, Feb 23, and Mar 2
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am and 3:00 – 4:30 pm.

We are asking each person to make 5 quarts of hearty soup. One quart containers will be available to take home and fill with soup. You may sign up at the coffee hour or by calling Susu Brown at 253-2952.

Please deliver soup between 8:30 and 9:00 on Saturday mornings unless other arrangements are made.

Remember to tell your families and friends about Soup Saturday Take-out!


Men’s Breakfast ~ February 23

The next Men’s Breakfast is next Saturday, February 23 at 8:00am at McCarthy’s.

 Taize’ Service ~ February 28

St. John’s will hold a candlelight Taize’ prayer service on Thursday, February 28, at 7:00pm. This is a quiet service of meditation and reflection and involves singing of simple, melodic chants, a few readings, and short periods of silence. We invite you to take a moment to be part of a peaceful, spiritual experience. All are welcome.


  Good Samaritan Haven Dinner      Tuesday, March 4, 2019

Please sign up to participate in the preparation and delivery of supper to the Good Samaritan Haven shelter in Barre. See the sign up sheet on the board outside the church office. The menu includes meat loaf, vegetables, salad, bread and dessert. If you have any questions, please contact Jan Tichansky at 253-5060 or


Support of
The Lamoille Community House Shelter

hello everyone!
We are moved into the yellow house site of the Lamoille Community House in Hyde Park!

First off another round of applause to Mr Howard Manosh for stepping in to allow us to be in the plaza hotel as our temporary site. If you see him around town, please thank him!

Second, a big thank you to all YOU: Our guests appreciate the socks, hats, gloves, snack bags and warm meals you have all generously donated to help keep them warm.

If you or any one you know has a simple accommodation to rent please be in touch! We need to build our network of affordable housing opportunities for our community.

best wishes, jacquie

jacquie mauer
Lamoille Community House

Providers and Volunteers

Please consider signing up to provide a meal, and/or to stay for a couple of hours and assist the staff (5-7pm is prime time).

Visit our website at to sign up for a meal or a shift.



During your prayer time please keep Zarina, Bill, Rebecca, Kenneth, Karen, Gayle, Richard, John, Meghan, and Belle in your prayers. We pray that God’s healing hands be upon them. We pray for all those who have died.


Birthdays and Anniversaries in February


February 1 — Bernice Binginot
February 13 — Steve Fowle
February 16 — Patty Oden
February 18 — Zachary Bland
February 18 — Berta Pykosz
February 20 — Attanai Winston
February 27 — Amanda Kuhnert


February 6 — Patty & Rick Oden
February 6 — Bernice and Rene Binginot
February 27 — Ethel & George Merwin

If you want to add your birthday or anniversary dates to the Church listing, please see Barbara Cunningham or email to



Parish Contacts

If you have questions or concerns about our parish, or have a pastoral emergency, please contact:

Fr. Rick Swanson Rector
Zarina Suárez O’Hagin Deacon


Dick Kraemer, Senior Warden
Sandy Duncan, People’s Warden

2019 Members of the Vestry
Dick Kraemer (Senior Warden), Sandy Duncan (Junior Warden),
Janie Given (Treasurer), Fred Harries (Asst Treasurer)
Maria Davies, Rich Reed, Janet Patching (Vestry Secretary)

St. John’s in the Mountain Church, 1994 Mountain Road,  Stowe, VT 05672 









Vestry Minutes

Mission Statement
To be a welcoming Christian community of faith: loving and forgiving, questioning and learning, inviting and serving

St John’s in the Mountains
Vestry Meeting, August 6, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dick Kraemer, Reverend Rick Swanson, Emily Bland, Sandy Duncan, Jane Given,

Absent: Max Neal, Rich Reed, Fred Harries

Guest: Susan and Roger Nichol, to present the 2017 Audit Report.

Opening Prayer: Led by Father Rick.

Agenda Approval: Motion by Emily, second by Sandy, all in favor, motion carried.

Minutes from previous meeting Approval: Motion by Janie, second by Sandy, all in favor, motion carried.

Consent Agenda: none.

Audit Report: Audit report was presented by Sue and Roger. Note: received all necessary doc for annual report
                                Dick thanked Susan and Roger.  Motion to accept the audit report by Sandy, Second by Emily,
                                all in favor, motion carried.

Information Items:

– Parking update: Owners accepted the proposal. Ken Libby contacted the owners with a proposal to purchase the tennis courts.  Counterproposal by the partners, not Vail, will make the determination. One partner (Sean Kinner) lives in Stowe, one lives in Vail. Approx 1/5 – 1/4 acre.  Ken estimated they proposed around 30,000. Not asking for decision. Will cost us approx. 2 spots and some trees down to the fence.  Gain 18-20 spots.

– Jazz Fest Update: We will no longer be a venue for the Jazz Fest.

Motions Discussions and Votes:

– Grant application to Diocese to pay for the painting of the church.  Fred would like us to submit the $12,800 painting for a grant.  Motion by Sandy, second by Emily, all in favor, motion carried.

Motion to adjourn by Janie, second by Sandy, all in favor, motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Janet Patching

…Janie, thank you for your note taking for the majority of the meeting.

Liturgical Ministry Schedule


September 2-30, 2018


September 2, 2018 ~ 15th Sunday after Pentecost                    10 AM

Ushers Nancy Collins & Cyndy Tulloch
Lectors Roger Nicholls & Jean O’Rourke O’Rourke
Inter/L.E. Min. Bidi Wheelwright
Acolyte Nat Kinney
Organist Audrey Coty
Altar Guild Barbara Baraw
Flower Guild Patty Oden
Counters Barbara Cunningham & Joan O’Keefe
Coffee Hour Barbara Baraw
Copley Woodlands Rides Barbara Cunningham


September 9, 2018 ~ 16th Sunday after Pentecost                        10 AM

Lectors Barbara Baraw & Rick Oden
Inter/L.E. Min. Maria Davies
Acolyte Tom Younkman
Organist Audrey Coty
Altar Guild Bunny Libby & Eileen Kraemer
Flower Guild Berta Pykosz
Counters Jean O’Rourke & Barbara Baraw
Coffee Hour Maria Davies
Copley Woodlands Rides Leslie Lindig


September 16, 2018 ~ 16th Sunday after Pentecost                        10 AM

Lectors Barbara Baraw & Rick Oden
Inter/L.E. Min. Maria Davies
Acolyte Tom Younkman
Organist Audrey Coty
Altar Guild Susu Brown
Flower Guild Ethel Merwin
Counters Mark Vandenberg & Nancy Collins
Coffee Hour Barbara Cunningham
Copley Woodlands Rides Jan Tichansky


September 23, 2018 ~ 18th Sunday after Pentecost                      10 AM

Lectors Hal Morrow & Bernice Binginot
Inter/L.E. Min. Susu Brown
Acolyte Jan Tichansky
Organist Audrey Coty
Altar Guild Susu Brown
Flower Guild Jean O’Rourke
Counters Maria Davies & Nancy Collins
Coffee Hour Bill & Elaine Robinson
Copley Woodlands Rides Patty Oden


September 30, 2018 ~ 19th Sunday after Pentecost                      10 AM

Lectors Barbara Baraw & Rick Oden
Inter/L.E. Min. Maria Davies
Acolyte Tom Younkman
Organist Audrey Coty
Altar Guild Susu Brown
Flower Guild Ethel Merwin
Counters Mark Vandenberg & Nancy Collins
Coffee Hour Barbara Cunningham
Copley Woodlands Rides Jan Tichansky


Please see the List below if you find that you are in need of a replacement for your scheduled time. When you find a replacement, please contact Sally in the office with the information as soon as possible. Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide with the liturgical scheduling.

Greeters/Ushers Lectors

Intercessors/Eucharistic Ministers

Barbara Baraw Barbara Baraw Barbara Baraw
Bernice Binginot Hal Morrow Sandy Duncan
Susu & Gordie Brown Bernice Binginot Susu Brown
Leslie Lindig Jan Tichansky Rich Reed (Intercessor. Only)
Fred Harries Deb Clark Bidi Wheelwright
Tim Heath-Swanson David Hobart  
Pete Johnson Pete Johnson  
Jean O’Rourke Bidi Wheelwright  
Nancy Collins Rich Reed  
Emily Bland Susu Brown  
Joyce Manning Rick Oden (2nd)  
Ethel Merwin Jean O’Rourke (2nd)  
Patty Oden Belle Sanders  
Bidi Wheelwright Pat Schwarz  
Bill Robinson    
Pat Schwarz    
David & Lesley Hobart    
Crucifer/Acolyte Torchbearer Flowers
Jan Tichansky Nathaniel Wells Ethel Merwin Deb Clark
Tom Younkman Griffin Johnson Maggie Morrow Patty Oden
Rachael Wells Ewan Davies Jean O’Rourke Jill Witten
Tom Younkman   Berta Pykosz  
Nathaniel Wells      


Altar Guild Counters (2) Sunday School
Barbara Baraw Maria Davies Maria Davies
Bunny Libby Jean O’Rourke Pete Johnson
Susu Brown Barbara Baraw Patty Oden
Joyce Manning David Hobart Maryellen Sullivan
Patty Oden Ethel Merwin Audrey Coty (on req’d days)
Joanna Huffman Sandy Duncan Ethel Merwin
Bernice Binginot Joan O’Keefe Emily Bland
Tim Heath-Swanson Barbara Cunningham Jennifer Mauro
  Bill Robinson Lesley Hobart
  Mark Vandenberg Mark Vandenberg
Nursery Care    
Carole Younkman    

Sunday School


Sunday School is in session!

All children from toddlers through fifth grade are invited to join us each Sunday morning at 10am for bible stories, activities, games and fun!

For more information, please contact the parish office at 802-253-7578 during office hours.




Seasonal Events



Winter at St. John’s


Sunday, February 10, 2019

6:00 pm

Stowe Community Church

Free and open to the public

Panel Discussion to celebrate the life and achievements of MLK Jr. including  Executive Director of GunSense VT, Pediatrician, Students,

Law enforcement, Mental health participants

No weapons allowed at this event



Presented by the Jewish Community of Greater Stowe, with our partners at the Helen Day Art Center and the Greater Stowe Interfaith Coalition, including St. John’s in the Mountains Episcopal Church, Stowe Community Church, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stowe, and Baha’is of Stowe.