St. John’s Daily

St. John’s Daily
April 10, 2020


Please join St. John’s in the Mountains and Stowe Community for a service of the Last Seven Words of Christ today at 12n. This one hour service will include reflections from clergy and lay leaders from both faith communities and beyond.

Please enter the service in silence and do not “unmute” yourself, yet making sure your volume is on.

I look forward to having you with us.

Fr. Rick Swanson
Rector, St. John’s in the Mountains Episcopal Church

Good Friday Community Service 12 noon

Join Zoom Meeting on your computer:
Meeting ID: 616 613 9067
Password: StJohnsVT
Join Zoom meeting on your mobile phone:
Meeting ID: 616 613 9067
Password: 007528
Join Zoom meeting on your home phone:
Meeting ID: 616 613 9067
Password: 007528



Zoom Step-by-Step Instructions

Zoom is a “web-based” program that is fairly simple to use for video-conferences. You do not need to have Zoom downloaded on your computer – no software required.

We invite you to log in at 9:00 am. Morning Prayer will begin at 10:00am.

Directions if you are on a computer
(If you want to join by phone, please see instructions below.)

Please follow these steps to help you log on and join in worship on your home computer (desktop, laptop, IPad).

1. Press the link (blue letters) where it reads “Join Zoom Meeting”

2. You will see a new webpage open on your computer. Do not worry, this is normal.

3. You will see a smaller box appear on your screen that reads, “Join with computer Audio”. Press that button. If you have a webcam, there will also be a prompt that reads, “Join with computer video.” If you want to be present via video, then press that button.

4. You should then see yourself and others in small picture frames. This is where you need to be.

If this process is not clear, or as happens on some computer systems, the process described above is not what you are experiencing, please call one of the folks below for assistance.

Nat Kinney 802-730-7574
Roger Nicholls 603-236-1120
Fr. Rick 802-760-7787
Zarina 802-535-7117

Next steps once you are in the video “Church” to help everyone focus and engage in our worship.

1. Once you are in the “room” say hello. Once people have greeted you, please press the “Mute” button on the bottom, left hand corner of the screen. Please leave the mute button on until Fr. Rick asks you to turn it off. Don’t worry, he will!

2. The bulletin for the service will also be seen on your screen once the service begins. It is designed in our traditional manner – all bold-faced text is for everyone to say together.

3. We will not be singing or have music.

4. If you wish to speak during the announcement time, please raise your hand and Fr. Rick will invite you to speak.

5. There is no capability to share the bulletin with individuals on the telephone. You will know some of the prayers and responses, so please join in as you are able.

If you have a camera, you can turn it on so the group can see you, but you can also keep it off. Please respect each person’s choice.