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St. John’s Weekly
November 13-19, 2017
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1994 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT

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A community of faith located at the crossroads of Mountain Road and Luce Hill Road.

Our Mission is to be a welcoming Christian community of faith, loving and forgiving, questioning and learning, inviting and serving.

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From the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church
in the wake of the church shooting in Texas
Hurricane Relief Efforts
For information on hurricane relief efforts and giving, please see what is happening at the Episcopal Relief and Development website:
From a Latin root that means “blessed” or “happy.” . . . .The most quoted beatitudes are at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew . . . .
The Beatitudes are usually interpreted as paradox, comparing the difference between present and future. Those who suffer or are poor now are blessed (or happy) because they are destined to be saved in the future when the Kingdom arrives. The mercifulness and goodness of God will be demonstrated in the future.
Jesus spoke to his disciplines saying:
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, [“poor in spirit” meaning humble]
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.
Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10
Prayers of Thanksgiving
As we celebrate the effort St. John’s undertook to build the current building ten years ago, we will be offering prayers of thanksgiving for their generosity throughout the Fall.  These names are also found on a plaque in the stairway leading from the narthex to the church basement.  Please see Father Rick if you would like more information.
Weekly Schedule ~ November 13-19
Outreach Meeting
Lamoille Restorative Center
Men’s Lunch
Mah Jong
Vestry Meeting
Spirituality Group Meeting
AA Meeting
Holy Eucharist ~ All Saints Sunday
Sunday School
Coffee Hour
Liturgical Schedule ~ November 19 at 10:00am
Emily Bland
Jan Tichansky & Hal Morrow
Inter/L.E. Min.
Sandy Duncan
Tom Younkman
Audrey Coty
Altar Guild
Joyce Manning & Bunny Libby
Flower Guild
Ethel Merwin
Joan O’Keefe & Sue Suthers
Coffee Hour
Gizelle Guyette
Copley Woodlands Rides
Jean O’Rourke
Photos from Patric Patching’s Nov 5 Baptism
From the Vestry 
Any member of the Parish is welcome to attend Vestry Meetings.  If you are unable to attend but would like a copy of the minutes of a meeting, please let the office staff know.
Spirituality Group Meeting~ November 16
Spirituality Group gatherings meet on Thursdays at 10:00am.
Healing and Prayers ~ November 26
Spiritual healing has been a central part of the Christian faith since biblical times. As the church grew and developed, the act of healing in the name of Jesus has taken many shapes and forms, and in the past three decades, healing services as a part of the Eucharist have been embraced by many Episcopal churches.
On the last Sunday of each month, Fr. Rick and members of the parish invite anyone who wishes prayers for any purpose to come forward to the altar rail for a prayer and blessing immediately following communion.
Good Samaritan Haven ~ December 5
The Good Samaritan dinners are the first Tuesday of each month.  A sign-up sheet with meal suggestions is posted on the bulletin board next the office.  Please see Jan Tichansky Leslie Lindig or Tom Younkman if you have any questions. Please sign up now to assist in this wonderful ministry of St. John’s.
We also want to thank everyone who has so generously donated food to the Haven each month all these years.  It is so appreciated by the homeless folks who are there temporarily and are hopefully passing through until they can become independent again and on their own.  It is truly a Ministry for all of you.
Drivers, We Need Your Help!
We are in need of drivers willing to deliver suppers to Good Samaritan Haven the first Tuesday of the month.  The prepared meals are picked up at St.John’s about 1:00pm and taken down to Barre.  With a larger pool of driver volunteers, each person would only need to be the delivery person once every few months.  So, please join us “in the pool” and let Jan Tichansky (253-5060) know you’re willing to help out.
Confirmation ~ January 7, 2018

Bishop Thomas Ely is coming to St. John’s on Sunday, January 7, 2018.  During his visit, he will perform confirmations, receptions into the Episcopal Church, and reaffirmations of faith.  All youth in high school and all adults are invited to participate in these special blessings while the Bishop is here.  If you are interested, please see Fr. Rick.

Support St. John’s Online
You can help St. John’s fulfill its mission and support its many outreach activities which make the parish a vibrant place of spirituality and fellowship. Donate to St. John’s in-the-Mountains via a 1-time, or continuing pledge, offering by clicking on the website URL,  Then select the tab  Sharing  and scroll down to label  Stewardship .   Also, please note that it is now possible to make donations on line using your credit card!
Special Olympics Swim Team, Vermont
Dear Father Rick and Rabbi David,
Sorry for the late announcement, but a local Special Olympics swim team is being organized which will meet at Johnson State College twice a week, starting this Thursday afternoon. The practices will be at JSC on Thursdays, 4-5:30 and Saturdays, 10-11:30.  The first swim competition is on December 10th at
St. Michael’s College. We are hoping to reach out to anyone who might be interested in participating. We have coaches and assistants but need swimmers,
minimum age of 8!
This page describes how to become an athlete in this program:
From that page:
       Who can become a Special Olympics Vermont Athlete?
To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics, you must be at least 8 years old and identified by an agency or professional as having one of the following conditions: intellectual disabilities, cognitive delays as measured by formal assessment, or significant learning or vocational problems due to cognitive delay that require or have required specially designed instruction.
Please spread the word and tell them to contact Janet Lockyer at  Janet is the Lamoille Special Olympics Volunteer Coordinator.
Thanks so much,
Elaine Fortin
Parish Visiting
Marsha Sterns
577 Washington Highway Room 116 Elmore
Morrisville, VT   05661

Marsha likes to talk and join in the group activities at the Manor.  Please join her any time. Cookies and cards are welcome.  Please contact Father Rick (760-7787), Deacon Zarina (535-7117) or Nancy Tingle (888-2917) with any questions, or contact a member of the Pastoral Care team for ideas on visiting those in need.  Tom Younkman, Susu Brown, Deb Clark, or Jan Tichansky.
During your prayer time please keep Rene, Marcia, Bev & Hank, Gloria, Alaya, Maggie, Gayle, Edie, Honey, Hal, H.S., Celene, Richard, Robert, Tory, Julie, Jordan, Dick, Sally S., Jason, Al, Paul, and the victims of all the hurricanes in your prayers.  We pray that God’s healing hands be upon them.  We pray in thanksgiving for the lives of the victims of the hurricanes in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the Caribbean, and Kim.
Birthdays and Anniversaries in November
November 3
Kristin Wells
November 19
Ged Deming
Jeff Nichols
Max Neal
Audrey Coty
Nicholas Hoffmann
Judy Pendell
Bunny Libby
Carole Younkman
November 4
Bunny & Ken Libby
November 4
Maria & Paul Davies
Pastoral Needs
If you have questions or concerns about our parish, or have a pastoral emergency, please contact:
Fr. Rick Swanson
Follow Fr. Rick’s blog at:
Zarina Suárez O’Hagin
Bill Robinson
Senior Warden
Bidi Wheelwright
People’s Warden
St. John’s in the Mountain Church, 1994 Mountain Road,  Stowe, VT 05672