LGBTQ+ Pride Month

LGBTQ+ Pride MonthJune 2022


As an introduction to our recognition of LGBTQ Pride Month, Fr. Rick and Deacon Zarina offer two reflections, one on video and one written. Please do not hesitate to reach out to either one of them at any time with your thoughts and reflections. Their email addresses are: and


Fr. Rick’s video reflection


From Deacon Zarina

In 1999, I first spent time visiting Vermont in the summer after my sister moved here. When I returned to Chicago, I decided to move to Vermont the following fall. In December, I had many clergy colleagues in Chicago who were aware of my impending move contact me about their excitement that I was moving to a state that would be permitting same-sex unions.

When I drove here in the fall of 2020, I was confronted with a puzzling sight. It was these signs on many buildings and yards that said Take Back Vermont. I subsequently learned that it was part of a backlash from the Vermont Supreme Court ruling and then legislative action in Vermont that permitted same-sex unions.

I fear that we are seeing again in Vermont destructive lashing out against the LBGTQ community. The murder of a trans woman in Morrisville, and the destruction of property of the Pride Center in Burlington are tangible evidence of this.

Jesus is very clear in the gospels of our need to love everyone. He specifically included our enemies in this and never excluded anyone from this directive. I am very supportive of our church’s flying the pride flag during the month of June in support of the LBGTQ plus community. I hope we all see this as a response to the call of Jesus that we love all of our neighbors.