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St. John’s Weekly June 13 -19, 2022

1994 Mountain Road (P.O. Box 1175)
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A community of faith located at the crossroads of Mountain Road and Luce Hill Road.

Our Mission is to be a welcoming Christian community of faith, loving and forgiving, questioning and learning, inviting and serving.

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St. John’s in the Mountains
P.O. Box 1175
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A Blessed Day. The Baptism of Tanner Grace







Honoring Our Fathers

Today we honor our fathers. And that’s good. Dads don’t get much respect nowadays. A doting father used to sing his little children to sleep. This was something he could do at night to help his wife out. And he kept up this task until one night he overheard his daughter give her younger sibling this advice, “If you pretend you’re asleep,” she said, “he stops.” That was the end of the lullabies.

In today’s Gospel from Mark, Jesus is describing the kingdom of God: “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how . . .”

Now Jesus is not talking about fatherhood in this passage, but isn’t this the very first area in which we participate in the coming of God’s kingdom to earth? It is in the raising of our children. Raising good children is like scattering seed upon the ground.

There are no guarantees in either raising kids or planting seed. A farmer can do all the right things and still lose a crop. So can parents. The farmer can till the ground at the right time, put in the right seed, and irrigate and fertilize according to the textbook. But that does not guarantee a crop.

Some of you have learned the hard way that there are no guarantees. But generally, if we have done the best we can in planting and nurturing the seed which are our children, God will reward us with children we can be proud of.
So fathers are important.

Of course, the love of any parent is but a pale reflection of the love of God. God is the ultimate sower of good seed in our world. We would not even know how to love, if God had not first loved us.

Do you understand that God has a photo of you that God looks at every day? That was how Max Lucado once phrased it. “God has a photo of you on his refrigerator . . .”

Fathers are important. A conscientious father can have an amazing impact on his children. But no matter how much our dad loves us, there’s someone who loves us more. Someone gave His only Son on our behalf. Let’s honor our fathers this day. And let’s praise our Heavenly Father, who is the source of all life and love.

Fundraiser to Assist a Family in Need ~ June 22

Fundraiser to assist a family without housing in Lamoille County on Wednesday, June 22
Led by the Clergy of Lamoille County with the generosity of:
Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church, Stowe
Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Morrisville

A chance to help a family at risk of homelessness. We are having a chicken curry dinner fundraiser for a family which is currently underhoused (couch surfing) in a room of a mobile home. They do not have sustainable housing. The family has three children, one of whom has disabilities and is expecting a child later this year. Theyare unable to relocate out of the area because it will destabilize the children. They have stable income and a vehicle.

The owner of the mobile home park where housing is available is willing to sell them a recently renovated mobile home for $15,000 because it is an older model, and they are good tenants. They have reached out to Central Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity and Opportunities Credit Union. Because they have stable income, they can fit the mobile home park fees into their budget as long as they can get the mobile home.

Please join the faith communities of Lamoille County to support this family!

Chicken curry dinner (take out only), at 4pm in Stowe (Blessed Sacrament church hall) and Morrisville (MHNJ Church Hall).

$15 and donation. Menu: Fried Rice, Chicken Curry, Paratha (Indian Bread) and Fried Potato.

For Orders: (Last Date: 5pm, 06/19/2022)

Stowe:; 802-253-7536

Morrisville:; 802-888-3318

Needed for Work on Habitat Home

Lamoille Habitat For Humanity is looking for 6-8 volunteers to work at the Habitat house at 244 Maple St. in Morrisville on any Saturday in June 11, 18, or 25 between 9:30 and 2:30. Lunch will be provided. Some of the work that is being done is – touch up painting, cleaning up the yard, laying laminate flooring in the 1st floor, cleaning up the cellar, washing windows, etc.

Please contact Judy at or call 802-888-6918 if you are available.

Week’s Schedule

TUESDAY, June 14, 2022
Flag Day
The holiday commemorates the date in 1777
when the United States approved the
design for its first national flag.

WEDNESDAY, June 15, 2022
No Zoom Lunch

THURSDAY, June 16, 2022
Women’s’ Spirituality Group at 10:00am

SATURDAY, June 18, 2022
AA Meeting at 5:00pm

SUNDAY, June 19, 2022
Father’s Day and Juneteenth
Eucharist Worship Service at 10:00am

UU Worship Service at 4:30pm

Installation of Pastor Daniel Haugh at 6:00pm
Stowe Community Church

The Feast of St John All-Parish Celebration
Sunday, June 26

Potluck Signup

You may also contact Heidi at 802-253-7578 or

Liturgical Schedule

There are many open volunteer slots each week. Please offer your time and talents to increase the SJM volunteer pool.

June 19, 2022

Celebrant — Fr. Rick Swanson
Deacon and Preacher — Zarina O’Hagin
Acolyte —
Greeter — Terry Whelan
Intercessor / Lay Eucharistic Minister —
Lectors — Kristin Wells and David Small
Altar Guild —
Counters — Bill Robinson and Terry Whelan
Coffee Hour Host —

Sign Up Worship Services

Sign-Up Genius for June Sunday Services

Wanted: AV Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for assistance with the running of the Audio Visual system during Sunday Services. There are two tasks in particular, that we need. One is to monitor the Zoom Room and the second would be to run the camera. They are very simple and easy to learn.

Stay tuned for more information from Fr Rick along with an online sign-up.

Welcoming Newcomer’s Get-Together on June 4

David Small Kristin Wells Louise Farmer Eileen Kraemer Sid Farmer
David Small, Kristin Wells, Louise Farmer, Eileen Kraemer, Sid Farmer
Estelle and Mary Stiles, Peter and Tana Lilienthal, Donald


Trip to the Holy Land

Itinerary and pricing info for the Holy Land Trip.


See the traditional site of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Visit the town of Nazareth where he grew up. Explore the Ministry of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee. Follow his footsteps on the Via Dolorosa as he walked towards the cross. Experience an unforgettable Easter morning moment at Garden Tomb in Jersualem.

In addition to many more Christian locations, we will will sightsee the important Jewish religious sites: picture yourself at Shabbat services at the Kotel/Western Wall, touring the ancient architecture and contemporary art in Tzfat/Safed, and experiencing a somber visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

At the heart of this tour is the opportunity for meaningful connection and learning and relationship-building. In addition to the local friendships you will make, you have the chance to meet directly with Ahmadiyyan Muslims, Ethiopian Jews, Israeli Arab Christians, observant Jews for a home hospitality Shabbat meal, and Israelis and Palestinians taking important steps towards peace and reconciliation.

And of course, there’s the delicious food at the outdoor markets and in Bedouin tents in the desert, and great fun in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv on the beautiful Mediterranean.

For a land price of only $2,990.

Please check out the full itinerary and pricing here and register without any financial commitment now.

Rev. Dan Haugh, Stowe Community Church
Rabbi David Fainsilber, Jewish Community of Greater Stowe,
Rev. Dr. Rick Swanson, St. John’s in the Mountains Episcopal Church,

Spring Travel with Deb Clark and Ron Lucier

There are many wonderful places to visit in Massachusetts. While Deb Clark and Ron Lucier were visiting a friend in Humarock, MA. they took a fast ferry across the Atlantic from Hyannis to Nantucket for the day. What a terrific adventure walking the cobblestone streets visiting the historic village, enjoying a warm and windy day, eating fresh seafood, and visiting 2 museums.

The Nantucket Whaling Museum and The Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum. For fun, take a look online to enjoy a bit of what the museums offer and the rich heritage they offer of Nantucket past. What travels do you have to share?


Campaign Launch of Abolish Slavery
VT: Pass Prop 2


Join us for two great events to launch the Abolish Slavery VT campaign on this year’s Juneteenth weekend.

First, on Friday, June 17, from 11AM-2PM on the lawn of First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington (152 Pearl St) come to a free Community Cookout. There will be food, music, remarks by the directors of Vermont Interfaith Action and Vermont Racial Justice Alliance; lawn signs, stickers, and T-shirts available. Free-will donations gratefully accepted. Register online to receive a complimentary meal (please pick up your food by 12:30 pm).

Second, on Sunday, June 19, from 7:30 to 8:30 am, join us for a Virtual Prayer Breakfast on Zoom. Register online for the link.

For more information, please contact


Comfort and heal all those who suffer in body, mind, or spirit especially:
George, Peter, Rick and Patty, Carole, Marcia, Zarina’s mother, Ethel, Leslie, Rich, Amaia, Galen, Rhonda, John, Bob, Cari, Jane, George P., Lorraine, Tana, Pete, Zack, Jerry, Linda, Bernie, Lorraine and; for those injured in Buffalo, NY: Zaire, Jennifer, Christopher, Payton, for the City of Buffalo, for TOPS Supermarket and those affected by its loss, for the Robb Elementary School community, the town of Uvalde, TX, for our willingness to work for the end of gun violence in the US, and for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine.


To Add or Remove a Person from St. John’s Prayer List, Contact:

Church Office 802-253-7578
Father Rick 802-760-7787
Text Deacon Zarina 802-535-7117

Pastoral Care Team members
Deb Clark 802-730-7423
Roger Nicholls 603-236-1120
Sue Nicholls 603-236-1121

Time Line for St. John’s Discernment Team

July 10 – Sending and Blessing Sunday

July 11 – Fr. Rick begins his Sabbatical and we begin our own discernment of the parish based on our process

November 13 – Fr. Rick returns from his Sabbatical

Donation of Clothing and Household Goods for our Refugee Communities


To support Syrian and Afghanistan refugees, please drop off clothing and household goods at Shalom Shuk.

Shalom Shuk, The Marketplace of Peace
188 N Prospect St
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 373-4784

11 AM – 3:45 pm
(closed Saturday)

Please note:
If you are taking your goods to Shalom Shuk, you may want to call first to be sure that the Marketplace of Peace is open.
The manager is Karen (802-373-4784).

If you see a note posted saying that the marketplace is ls not accepting donations, please say you are from St. John’s. Karen has assured us that St. John’s donations are welcome.

Thank you for your generosity.

Birthdays and Anniversaries in June

To add your birthday or anniversary, please contact Barbara Cunningham (

June 12 — Nancy Collins
June 14 — Diane Huber
June 27 — Theodore Bland
June 30 — Mary Vigneau
June 30 — Grace Palmer
June 30 — Tana Lilienthal

June 5 — Jill and Roger Witten
June 12 — Nancy and Duncan Tingle
June 12 — Susan and Roger Nicholls
June 19 — Diane and Carl Huber
June 20 — Betsy and Steve Fowler
June 20 — Regina Christianson and Stephen Whitely
June 24 — Joanna and Don Huffman
June 25 — Ruth & Dave Matthews


Parish Contacts

If you have questions or concerns about our parish, or have a pastoral emergency, please contact:

Fr. Rick Swanson Rector
Zarina Suárez O’Hagin Deacon

2022 Vestry Members
Jerry Wood, Courtney Olmsted, Mary Stiles

Jerry Wood

       Mary Stiles


Courtney Olmsted