Urgent Update


For immediate release to the St. John’s on the Mountains Congregation – an important update!

After an emergency meeting of the Vestry held last Wednesday on March 11, (all meetings by Zoom) and a work session held on Friday, March 13, we had an emergency meeting at 6 PM on March 17, 2020, that was attended by the full Vestry, our Priest, our Theologian-in-Residence, our treasurer and assistant treasurer, three members of Outreach, one additional member of the Congregation and a guest, Greg Stefanski, from Capstone Community Action.

The upshot of all of the meetings was the conclusion, consistent with the St. John’s in the Mountains Mission, that we should make every effort to help mitigate the income loss that many in our Lamoille Communities are suffering because of the current health crisis.

In that effort:

1. We approved a working relationship with Capstone Community Action (CCA) and approved a $20,000 grant from the Ann Orlov Outreach Endowment Fund to establish a “Community Fund to Mitigate Income Loss due to the Coronavirus in Lamoille County” for income reimbursement due to the current health crisis.

2. CCA will evaluate all applications and pursue appropriate background research to determine assistance needed to cover household costs (utilities, food, etc.) and determine loss of employment and reason for loss for the basis of Community Fund grants.

3. All sources of assistance (need-specific, federal and state funds, unemployment funds, etc.) will be used before Community Fund monies are allocated.

4. CCA will reach out to other community partners (faith-based and secular) and individuals to invite them to contribute to the fund with the understanding that our gift is the seed monies of the fund.

Your Vestry: Dick Kraemer Sr. Warden
Bill Robinson People’s Warden
Members, Courtney Olmsted, Maria Davies, Jerry Wood
Our Priest, Father Rick Swanson