Vestry Minutes

St. Johns in the Mountain,  Stowe, Vermont

Vestry Meeting of 4/3/2018

Meeting Minutes

Present: Emily Bland, Jane Given, Dick Kraemer, Sandy Duncan, Fred Harries, Rich Reed

Absent: Reverend Rick Swanson, Max Neal

Guest: Janet Patching, acting secretary

Opening Meditation: Acts 2:12-13

Agenda Approval: Motion by Emily, second by Sandy, all present in favor, motion carried.

Discussion regarding new date to meet.

Minutes from last meeting. Any changes? Please fix Sandy’s name spelling.
Motion for approval as modified by Rich, Second by Fred. All present in favor, motion carried.

Building and Grounds information from Sandy. Update from Joey Davis from Pinnacle Painting: We are 1st on the list, weather permitting maybe in June.

Consent Agenda

  • Finances of the shelter have been zeroed out in St. John’s
  • Gift cards dropped the balance below $800
    • Recommendation: that we notify the steering committee that this leaves us vulnerable financially on the project.
    • The remainder of the cash cards will come from other sources.
  • Thank you to Bill Robinson for stepping up and being or internal treasurer/auditor for the shelter.

Quarterly Financials presented by Fred.

  • Please Note: Union Bank is changing their systems and in the future our transactions will post a day or two later than we are used to.
  • This timing change may also be a good reason for the Vestry to change its meeting date to the second week of the month.
  • We are behind budget on pledge payments by 22% about $8800. Analysis over a full year is showing that there are not a lot of correlations month to month but correlations Q by Q.
  • We underspent in Q1 but not by the full amount of the deficit in pledged funds.
  • Sandy commenting on Building and Grounds. It’s a shot in the dark budgeting for these expenses with fuel oil needs and plumbing, etc.
  • Stock market cooling seems to not have affected the church funds much. Still tracking with the
    S & P

    • *Endowment – approx. $7,300 lower Q1
    • *Outreach (Orloff Fund) Approx. $1,700 lower Q1
  • P&L
    • Budget transfer $600 to the Rector’s fund
    • 2% withdrawal from the Endowment would be $7729
    • Money Market $37,000 and change, not drawing much interest at Union Bank.
      • Why? Should it be pulled?
      • History of the Money Market account is fuzzy.
      • Suggestion that the withdrawal of the $7729 for the operating account this quarter come from the Money Market instead of the Endowment.
    • Outreach fund. This year in the budget, the withdrawal was increased from $5,000 to $10,000. When should that happen?  Gifts are given in June and December. Request that this be done perhaps in May.
      • Emily wanted to know about money for the annual Weekend of Hope donation.
      • Concerns over the Children’s Fund as well.
      • Decision was made to move the money in April, by the end of the month.
    • Suggestion made that Sandy’s (B & G) painting money come out of the Johnson bequest from the Endowment Fund (worth about $53,000) because it is directed money and not General Fund.

Information Items

  • Soup Suppers – Net $1952.41
    • Down a bit from last year
    • Funds earmarked from the food share
  • Fund raising idea: possible “Leaf Peeper” soup suppers.
  • 2027 results are spurring on the requests & brain storming for fund raisers.
  • “Greeters & Ushers” sign up and responsibility discussion finished up this category.

Motions and Votes

  • Motion to Accept the quarterly budget by Rich, Seconded by Emily. All present were in favor, motion carried.
  • Motion to hold services ONLY at 10 am in July and August by Dick, Seconded by Rich. All present were in favor, motion carried.
  • Shall there be a blurb in the weekly bulletin regarding the 2027 discussions and the fund-raising ideas? No motion, No vote.
  • Motion to move the Vestry meetings to the second Tuesday of the month by Fred, Seconded by Emily. All present were in favor, motion carried.
  • Motion to approve the following movement of funds by Fred, Seconded by Sandy:
    • $10,000 from Orloff (outreach)
    • $7,729 from Money Market (operating budget)

All present in favor, motion carried.

  • Motion to end the Vestry meeting and move on to the Executive Session by Fred, Seconded by Emily. All in favor, motion carried.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 8th at 6 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Janet Patching